Thursday, April 1, 2010

My sewing yesterday

Today I thread painted the parrot but I am now thinking I did too much work on him. I think I will put him on this piece of sun dried fabric.

Sample of the free embroidery using the old Universal machine.

The light one is the front and the black the back of the sample. I am very pleased with the old machine and today it received an oil. My gosh is it going a lot better. Instead of sounding like a chaff cutter it is puring. I will still take it for a service after Easter.
Today I am planning on finishing my Seminole (a class from learningfa) and then start on the new curtains for the caravan.
This will be the first time in many years we are not going away for Easter as it is far to wet where we camp.
I am going to really enjoy being home and Sew Sew Sew.
Keep stitching

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