Thursday, April 1, 2010

Quilting Truckies

I thought this was so lovely and worth posting incase you have not seen it before.

These men are doing wonderful work.
Keep stitching


Linda said...

Delia, thank you for posting about this article. I am a quilter, I live in Iowa less than one hour from the truck stop mentioned, and I've never heard about this! It's fascinating! I teach beginner quiltmaking and have 41 students in my current class; one is a man. I'm hopeful, after reading this article, I'll see more of them in future classes. Thanks for the info!

Delia (Del) said...

You are very welcome.
I think it is wonderful.
41 students the most I have taken on is 19 and it was a tad to many.
I bet the man has lost of help from everyone.

Dolores said...

Thanks for the link. It's a great article.

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