Friday, March 7, 2008


I had forgotten something else. I had organised a postcard swap to run over 10 months with 10 cards to be swapped. These are the cards I made for the swap. Only 8 here as two members were not able to attend the morning tea where we took the cards to show off each other what we received. Each month one of the participants put in 5 small objects in an envelope and then passed to the 9 people and one set to themselves. We were to make a card with the pieces and send to the person we were allotted for that month.

We had a lot of fun and this years we are going to do A3 size quilts with different technique's each month but we will not swap them. We will be adding to our collection.
It was a lot of fun and next years should be exciting also.


Neroli said...

Hi Delia,

these postcards are fabulous and what a good idea! Really want to try my hand at some. Looks like the person who did the red/black oriental one has a graphic design background! Love the painting too.

Delia said...

HI Neroli
I did all the cards they are the ones I did and swap. We took all of ours and then put the ones we did together so we could take a photo of them.
So I must have done well on that one. Thank you.

Delia said...
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