Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Finely it had allowed me upload

Hi I hope these load today.
I rubbed some Treasure Gold over them so they shine.


Barb said...

Hi Delia... got your email about your blog.. aren't they fun tho!!
I have a digital scrapbooking blog where everything is free to download. I'm not into the actual scrapbooking or selling kits...

Now tell me... how did you make those leaves????

Neroli said...

Hi Delia, really good to see someone else's result with my technique! Yours are brilliant and every bit as good as the ones I did without stitching - maybe better actually. I found without the stitching it was much harder to control the amount of withering and i love the extra crinkling on yours. I love the treasure gold - did you rub that over the tivek before shrinking instead of the lumiere paints? will have to buy some to add to my hoard of sparkly things!
They are fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Girls I am away with my daughter and her new baby but will let you know as soon as I home. Looking after Lily while Mun is in hospital. I had forgotten how much time they take.
The treasure gold I rubbed over after the leaves were finished. I love the product and it is available from The Tread Studio.

Anonymous said...

Hi Delia,
Aren't you the clever one! That quilt is really nice, as well as the other things you have made.
When I saw the title of the email, I thought another grandchild had arrived :) But I guess your granddaughter is not that old yet, only about 3 weeks older than mine.
See ya./Laila

Delia said...

Gosh I did not realize I had not answered this post.
Yes your technique with a bit extra added.I painated the leaves with lumiere paints. I then heated with the gun or iron. Sewed the shapes and cut out. I then rubbed the treaure gold over.

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