Friday, March 7, 2008

Helen Stubbins workshop at Sue Daley's

Tuesday I attended a wonderful workshop at Sue Daley's.

Helen Stubbins from Hugs and Kisses taught us the Colourque technique.

We had a lovely day. Helen was organised and had slides shows all right at her finger tips. She made us all at ease and made sure she checked on what we were doing all the time. We did not have to wait for her to come around she was moving all the time. A big class and I can only say she was a terrific tutor.

I am posting a picture of my piece. It is not finished I am still doing the stitching around the flowers. I will then make it into a little quilt for the wall.

Of course Sue had a wonder meal for us at lunch and morning and afternoon tea.

I wonder what else I have forgot to say today.

It seems I have had a busy couple of weeks.


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