Saturday, January 5, 2008

Well the New Year is here and what a busy social Season we have had. I am glad it is over and can now settle down to my lifestyle for the next year. Saying that it was lovely to catch up with many people this year who we had not seen for a long time.

I have uploaded some ATC that I did for swaps last year and one of the post cards that was published in Down Under Quilts.
The top picture is of a piece of material I dyed using Genesis paints. I then make two bags with the fabric. Again I will try to take a picture of one (one I have given away) and post.
The rain looks like it is easing a bit on the coast now but as we live inland to the coast we seem to get a lot more. I think we have had 10 inches in the last week. Sometimes we can get 14 inches over night.
Till next time take care and have fun stitching.



Lisa said...

Wow Delia that is a pretty stunning piece of fabric that you dyed. Great to see your work and your blog.

Delia said...

Thank you Lisa.
It is easy to do and I will post how to do it when I work out where to put it. lol

cat in tassie said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog, Delia. Now I visit yours and see this totally amazing piece of fabric and your wonderful atc's. See, I knew you created great stuff (vbg)

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