Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I can't believe it is the 23rd of the month already. Where has the time gone.

I hosted out Stitch and Bitch group today. We make bears and dolls. 10 ladies attending 2 were visitors. We had a great time lots of laughter and nonsense going on. I just love these people and the quality of the work we do is fantastic.

Instead of making a doll today I finished 3 more sets of ATC.

This set is called Trying to Catch up.
I have painted vilene when dry ironed it onto green felt. Couched down some gold thread and sewed some beads to part of the gold thread.

After the girls left I did cut out and sew up a doll now I have to make the face and stuff it.

I have made two butterflies sets. One is called Out of the Dark and the other Wonderful World. Out the Dark is a piece of net fabric with butterflies embellished on which I cut our and added beads.
Wonderful World I have painted the back fabric then added a cut out of a butterflies (same fabric as above then a few beads.
I do my backings different to most. I add a piece of net (sometimes onion bag) to the back and leave it open at the top so I can slip in a business card with the details of the swap printed on it.


Lindi said...

Your ATCs are lovely. I can hardly wait for the swap. Everyone is doing such great stuff!

aykayem said...

oooh nice! - I hope I get one of these in the swap :-)

Liz Needle said...

Just lovce your ATCs. This swap is going to be such fun. Love what I am seeing so far.

Faye Dianne said...

Delia, Love your ATC's... The green set are great. I have used that backing method as well, it's a good way to finish them off easily, isn't it. I learned it in a Jenny Bowker workshop. I think, maybe you have one of them...
cheers - Faye

Delia said...

Hi Fay
Yes I have one of yours and that is where I got the idea from.
I don't think it is easier as it is an extra step to put on the net and then you have to make the business card. If you put the method on the back takes even longer. I do think they look more professional this way.
Thanks Delia

Linda said...

Hi Delia, I tagged you! See the rules on my blog! (no obligations)

Delia said...

Ok I will have a look Linda. Thanks

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