Sunday, January 13, 2008

Just feel like looking at quilts

I have been up early washed the floors and washed and spent the last couple of hours looking at quilts on the Internet.

Paducah quilts look wonderful.

So after all that I decided to post a couple more of mine here.

This little quilt was done as a challenge. The border (fat quarter) was given to us. I decided to cut every little bit out and make a scene. I called it Bush Watering Hole.

I was the winner of the challenge last year when Mountain Quilters hosted the Q2 Picnic.

This next one is of a Glitz quilt I called Fantasia. It is all bits and pieces of scraps, cords ribbons beads all put together with different techniques.

I really enjoyed doing this quilt and want to do a lot more. There are a lot of techniques that you can use for Postcards and ATC used in it.

This is a Table Runner I did for Christmas for my daughter. I just loved doing it and the tenchneiques are wonderful. It is a Helen Godden pattern.


cat in tassie said...

I like all three of these, but Fantasia is one I just want to get closer to and touch - my fingers were twitching just looking at the photo. Great job.

Anonymous said...

Well if you ever get up here I will let you touch

Anonymous said...

sorry it will not let me add at the moment unless it is anonymous

fairiesrme said...

Love your quiltws Delia and also the ATC's.
I am having great fun making my ATC's and shared the concept with another quilter in the Elliston caravan park yesterday. She was enthused as well.
Fran C

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