Thursday, January 17, 2008

The rain finely gone well for a day or so

Yesterday and today we had a lot less rain and the yard is finely starting to dry out.

The grass is getting quite long out back where my DH could not cut it for a week.

I had a nice day at home today after the ATC day at Absolutely Patchwork was cancelled.

I made my journal quilt and finished 4 ATC. I have the others partly done so tomorrow all going well I will finish them.

Here is my days effort. I had promised myself that I would work on my Japanese quilt but hay this was more fun.

I have called my jourunal quilt 'Autumn is Here'

ATC Mock Seminole


Faye Dianne said...

Delia, Your quilt is great... Is your back-ground made of 'silk paper'? It looks lovely, what-ever it is... Wonderful!!!
cheers - Faye

Lisa said...

Great journal quilt. I'm interested that several have done autumn themes for their "seasons" journal - it's obviously the season that is most visual to lots of people.

I thought your ATCs looked familiar so went and looked through my small collection and sure enough I have one of yours - must be from a swap last year or the year before.

cheers, Lisa

Julie said...

Beautiful work Delia, you have given me some much needed inspiration for my ATC's. I turned up at Absolutely Patchwork, for the ATC GTG because I was away from home and my computer to n find it had been canceled....ahhh such is life!!!LOL

Delia said...

Thanks Lisa hope I get one of your this time.

Julie it is a shame I missed you after the day was CND. Hope you can come to the get together at Sue Daley's next month.
Thanks for the kind words.

kurli said...

Delia....can you send me info re Sue Daley please,,,,,,,my info seems to have gone "walkabout" :-(

Do you reckon that Cecile's Challenge has caused us all to be Autumn challenged?

Like you,I have found that the "pocket of tulle" on reverse of ATCs comes in 'very handy'for adding extra info

delia said...

Hi Kurli
You can access Sue Daley from my blog in links or emial me. I can't send an email back from here.

Melora said...

Great work.

HELLO I have not posted for a very long time. I could not get into my blog but after an hour finely worked it out. My what have I b...