Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A visit to my Sisters.

I was at my sisters last week and took these pictures of her garden. Look at the King orchard. Six big clusters of flowers. It is just magnificent. Her little round garden looks so bright with the paper daises. I have never been able to grow them. What is the secret Dawn?

It is Fathers day this Sunday and we are having it at her home. It will be so nice with all the flowers in bloom.

I have been making another bag like the bright fun one I posted a couple of weeks ago. This one will be a more glamorous one.
Until next time
Keep stitching


Anonymous said...

Hi Del,
I love your bag.
could you please send me an email to join you @ LinkeIn.
I am unable to get access . Could you please email at thebearcave@tpg.com.au again with this invitation.

Delia (Del) said...

I am doing it now Alexis.
Nice to hear from you.

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