Thursday, June 14, 2012


Hi I am back home after a 10 day break in Melbourne. I caught up with friends I had not seen for 9, 7 and 4  years. I stayed with my Internet friend of 12 years Pattie and her family. We have kept in contact all these years and have visited each other before. We had a lovely time and even walked Hanging Rock.

My other long time Internet friend Susan came over from Adelaide to spent 3 days in the Motel with me in the city. Sue won at the Casino two nights running. We also did a bit of shopping in the city and markets.
Del Sue and Laila
Deb and Sue  I met at a conference at the Gold Coast 4 years ago. Deb took me shopping to her favourite shops. New bag dress and boots from this trip.

Neroli another art quilter who I met on the net about 7 years ago. Neroli and I shared some ideas before heading out for a meal and the sites of St Kilda. OH Chocolate heaven at one place. We never stopped chatting from the minute we met till we parted.

I also met a group of girls from a forum at the Corner Hotel for lunch. Laila another 12 year Internet friend came along.  I had the best pizza I have every had in my life. Crisp thin base and heaps of meat on top.

Pattie Laila Sue and myself met 12 years ago on a forum and met in person at a get together in Melbourne 9 years ago and have always kept in contact.

 Del I did it at Hanging Rock.

I just can't tell you what a wonderful feeling it was to be with all these people and hope we get the chance to do it again.


MargieAnne said...

Hi. Nice ti catch uo with your news.

Was that Swedish Laila from SFL. Remember our meet in Auckland. I'm still in contact with Jackie, one of the women I met that day too. Wonderful long time friendships through internet relationships. Social Internet can get a bad rap but we have made some lasting friendships.

Delia (Del) said...

Yes it is Laila from SFL and I stayed with Pattie from SFL do you remember her?
Susan from another forum came over from Adelaide to spent the 3 nights with me in the motel. It was lovely to catch up with so many people.
You are right we have made some great friendships and meeting up with the people and putting faces to them was wonderful. This way we do tend to keep the friendships and with people we never would have met another way.
How are you and John?

Best Pizza in Melbourne said...

You had a great enjoyment there and i like the way you enjoyed eating the Best Pizza in Melbourne.

Laila said...

Hi Delia, Wishing you a great Christmas. Great to catch up when you came to Melbourne, and nice to see the photos from your trip.
Take care./Laila

Delia (Del) said...

Thank you Laila and you have a great Christmas also. I hope we catch up when you get up to Qld next.

Best Pizza it sure was.

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