Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day

Chris tasting Ken's venison smoked pastrami.

Tables set up

Brother in Laws Richard and Roger

Kris Delia Amanda Anthony my other sister Dawn

Cutting the Christmas Cake

Betty my sister and Step Mum
My Mother and nephews girlfriend Amanda
Amanda and her family Graham Amanda Paul Chris and Lucy

Christmas Day was at our home this year. It has been many years since we hosted the day as we would spend the day with my sick father at the unit his wife would have at the beach.

It was lovely and everyone enjoyed it so much they voted to come back next year.

I did go all out with gifts for everyone and then I had draws with gifts through out the day. We also had a Kris Kringle and it was so much fun. It went on for 3/4 of an hour. Some did not want to part with their They decided to do that again next year as well.

So much food we did not even get to the coffee and little treats. Even the desserts were hardly eaten. Roast potatoes and veg with the hot meats and gravy were the choice of the day with a lot going back for seconds. Still there was food for people to take home and I have been giving sweets to visitors to take home the lasts days.

I guess it is just about time to go back to stitching


Carol said...

Goodness Del! What a wonderful day you gave everyone. You're amazing. Did you do all the catering yourself? I like the idea of having a Chris Kringle. Must do that next time we host a Christmas meal, I think.

Delia (Del) said...

Hi Carol
My sisters shared Betty got the ham Dawn the Pork and plum pud. and the white sauce vegetables Chris got the Christmas cake.
We did the turkey roast veg. and veg. savories dips and the other sweets. We did not use any of the small coffee treats.(rumballs coconut ice truffles muffins) I think they loved the meats and vegetables and filled up on that as well as Ken's smoked pastrami and sausages before the luncheon.
I made a lovely punch as well and could not believe how much was drank even the men got into it.
I will have to give you my recipe for the Christmas cheese cake. You will love it.
I have given the sweets away now or I would eat them. Bad hay.
Kris Krindle is great to do and make a lot of fun and laughs.

MargieAnne said...

So nice to see your lovely family Christmas.

it seems a while since we had a gathering of the clan at Christmas. I miss it and yet all I wanted this year was a quiet low-key time.

Delia (Del) said...

Hi Anne
It was lovely but I did miss our daughter adn her family being with us.
Happy New Year

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