Sunday, September 12, 2010


I have had to add this as someone sent me an email horrified to think the dog was sheared to get the wool. I could not believe someone would actually think this when dogs shed so much hair.
The hair is what was brushed out of the dog during the brushing sessions. Years of brushing and keeping.
I keeped my poole hair years ago but did not know a spinner. If it was today I would have it spun as I feel it is a lovely reminder of a loved aminal. Saying this I know we all have different views on things.

Hello I have a real treat for you today.

A scarf knitted by my friend Margaret Johnson but the big difference is that it is knitted out of Afghan dog hair. The hair was spun and then given to Margaret who knitted this lovely scarf.
The scarf is soft and not scratchy. It is natural colour and comes from two dogs.
I have been doing some confetti work not quite finished the scene but it is starting to look ok.
Until next time
Keep stitching


Shirley said...

You are a wonderful artist. Love all your work.

It is the variety of things you do that is so
unusual. I love coming to your blog.


Delia (Del) said...

Hi Shirley
I love going to your blog also. The thread paintingy ou do is just wonderful.

aykayem said...

I think using dog and cat hair to knit or crochet or putting it on quilts etc is a great idea! - but then I would - I have done it too ;-)
I have had a quilt hanging in the Canberra Quilters exhibition that the top was embellished with dog hair (and rubber lizards - lol) and I made a vine (among other things) to go in the "Garden Tea Party" texitle art exhibition that the textile art group I am in is having (it opens on Thursday) and the seed pods on it are felted dog hair ... not sure I will ever make a jumper or scarf out of it though - it would make me itch (wool does too) but I might make a beanie from some of the hair I have been brushing out of our Golden Retriever, and possibly include some from out cat.
... actually we had another cat that got really old and then had to be put down (about 3 years ago), and I sometimes wonder if I should have got the vet to shave off some of her hair for me to use in something ...

Carol said...

Love the scarf.
I once tried to collect all the hair from our dog as she blew her coat just to see how much there would be. It was a lot and very soft. I was sorely tempted to use it as batting.

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