Sunday, July 4, 2010

Busy days inktense pencils and more

Who's a Pretty Boy
This is my bird I painted and then stitched to make a motif of him. Yesterday I quilted the sun dyed piece of fabric I had ear marked for this project and put the bird on to it. I was happy with the finished item.

Birds on my front terrace. Yes the birds are the ones in the above quilt.

Hubby went fishing and now our friends and us have fish for a few weeks. A good catch. It has been a while since he has caught such a good catch.

These pencils go on like a pencil but once wet they act like a paint. I think you could get some very good techniques using them.
Inktense pencils I think there is a place for them in my work but you have to be careful as if you use water they run and run.(if you use to much) as you can see. In some places I like the look but sometimes you don't want the run.

If you use a medium painted on the fabric first I found it did not run. I love the way the colours mix with each other. I used different techniques.
1.Pencil straight on to material, then with water I mixed the colour.
2. Pencil dipped into medium and this mixed the colour.
3. Painted the material first with medium then pencil in and or used water or medium. Each way gave a different result but all ok.
I still have to iron these pieces to set them. I do think the medium would help to keep the colour also but that is just my thought.

I then penciled in a chicken and made it into a little quilt.
Hope you had a great weekend.
Keep stitching


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Del......I'm still trying to wade through umpteen dozen techniques.....
What are your experiences with glue
2..Elmers school blue gel
3..Elmers glue.

Munaiba said...

Interesting pencils. I've never experimented with these

lisette said...

beautiful colours, delia. i have a few of these but must go and buy some more and have a real play :) thanks for the tips

Sooziii said...

Thanks for the tips - just got the full set of 72 and have been experimenting with them on paper. Will have to get some textile medium and try them on fabric.

db said...

How are these different to water colour pencils Delia?

Also - do you have to sign in and do the word verification thing every time you want to comment through a blog?

Delia (Del) said...

Hi Girls
Yes they are fun to play with.
db Yes you do have to use word verification when you sign in. We do this to stop span and someone did span one of my posts so I changed the verification to this.
Water colour pencils will go brighter when water is added but these act like a paint (ink) when wet and you can blend in other colours. Very easy to blend colours of course it acts differently on paper and does not bleed like on the material. I used Dala medium as it is waterproof . Have a look at this video and you will see what I mean. She is using the pencils on paper.

Delia (Del) said...

Lisette love your dragon you are making.
I wish I had 72 pencils. I did do a serch on the internet and found a site where they are only about $110 landed here in Australia. I am thinking of buying them.

Chris said...

Thanks, Delia - have you done a fade study yet? eg half a piece in a box and the other half out on the windowsill for a week? I seem to have a memory of reading they were not especially light fast so have held off buying any. Chris

Delia (Del) said...

Good idea Chris and I do have one piece I cut off the sunflower by mistake so will do that with it.

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