Friday, May 1, 2009

May is here already

This is the wonderful bark of a leopard tree. A friend has two in her yard and I could not believe the colour in the bark.
This is a little dog I made still have to put his mouth and nose on but he is so cute.

Hi again
Well Easter over. We were very lucky to leave on the Monday morning as that night the river flooded and where we were camped was covered with water. It was nice but was a bit wet.
The last two weeks have been busy for me organising classes for our quilting group and getting ready to teach again.
I still have not finished my doll as I have decided I want to have smaller hands on her. I think the others are to big.
I have made Mum a quilt for Mothers day and an Oriental Doll for my grand daughter.
I will post when I take pic of them.


Carol said...

I had to look really hard at your little dog, he looks so real! Isn't the bark inspirational? Bet we'll see a journal quilt by you from it before too long.

Delia said...

Hi Carol and yes he does look real and I am thinking of a journal quilt. I have a lovely quilt for Mum for mother's day. Will post when I finish it.
You take care

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