Thursday, April 9, 2009


My husband is telling me it is time to go so have not time to change these to the right way up. Will do when I get home

Hi All

We are off to spend Easter on the river band of the Mary River on a property near Gympie. There has not been to much rain up there in the last couple of weeks so we are hoping it will stay clear. We decided not to go last year as the weather was wet on the Sunshine Coast and it was beautiful up there so taking the chance and going.
I have a couple of picture of a doll two girls made and mine will hopefully be finished over Easter and I will post mine then.
I wish you all a safe and happy Easter.


Lonci said...

Hi Delia, happy Easter to you and your family too

Carol said...

Happy Easter, Del. Love your dolls.

zo_mo_zo said...

I hope you were safe Delia, especially up near Kin Kin.. My workmate has been flooded in for two days...



Delia said...

Thanks you girls for the wishes.
We were away for Easter and yes not far from Kin Kin but came home with a wet van or should say every thing was damp in it. We were camped on the Mary River at a friends property and just as well we went when we did as the river then flooded where we were camped a day later.
Kin Kin has been hit really hard I feel so sorry for the people up there to go through that twice in such a short time. We have had a lot or rain as well but we are ok. Dams overflowing and lots of water on the property.
Thanks for the messages.
I hope you are all well and safe.

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