Friday, September 4, 2009

My60th started early

Hi Everyone
My 60th started early this year with our Stitch and Bitch (and we are lol) girls taking me for lunch and if that was not enough they presented me with this lovely quilt. I am still in shock and feeling so loved. I will post another of the quilt later.Here we are all eight of us having a great day at the Beewarh Pub. Me in excitement.

Monday is my birthday and don't think my husband has organised anything or he is not letting on. On the 11th my sisters are taking me to the Hunter Valley for some wine tasting and good sisterly fun. I can't wait.

Here are some pictures of a class at Mooloolah. Some of the girls had never free motioned quilted or stippled but their pieces all turned out lovely.
I had posted their pieces a while ago.

In a short while I will post the instructions for this class. It is a class I taught on an American Internet site a few monhths ago.
Until next time you all take care.


Carol said...

You're looking absolutely amazing Del! Happy Big Six-Oh. Welcome to the other side. It's all plain sailing from here on and so much fun. Not a care in the world or if there is you're old enough and wise enough to keep it in perspective. I can see you're having a fantastic, cherishingly fun-filled, long-termed celebration. Enjoy! Love and best wishes, Carol

Delia said...

Thank you Carol
My party went on for just about 3 weeks I think Ken had had enought of
What fun it was and I am so greatful to my friends and sisters for the great time they gave me.
Love Delia

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