Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ideas I tried out with a couple of friends

Hi there
I would like to share with you the techniques I discovered the other day.
These samples are from the day three of us got together to see what we could come up with.
I think you could use these techniques in art quits, post cards, trading cards, inches whatever.
When I do some I will post them.
All the pieces are soft enough to sew through.

This is Magic Film which I have painted then sewed threads all over it before I ironed the piece. When you iron it the plastic film dissolves but really it is still there where the treads are holding it together but on the edges it dissolves with the heat of the iron. The second one I put in some Angelina threads.

This piece is a piece of Cellophane from a bunch of flowers that I distorted with the iron and then rubbed some Treasure Gold over.

These two pieces are Tyvek painted with Lumiere paint and then hit with the heat gun. I think the Lumiere paint is by far the best to use on Tyvek.

This one is Irise Film and I have used the heat gun on it. Hovering the iron over did not do anything. It would be nice over a piece of coloured material.

Again Irise Film with some Angelina on top and folded over. I then put the heat gun to it as you can see I got a Added to the look of the piece. I thought it looked like a butterfly.

Iris Film again with some Angelina and a piece of glitzy material with the film folded over and heated together.

These are Textiva heated with the heat gun. Hovering an iron over the top did not really do much so out came the gun. You can see a plain yellow sheet behind the piece in the second picture. The longer the heat is on the piece the darker it becomes.
Until next time have fun and try out some new ideas.
I am now off to the studio to hopefully finish my little dog, (a change from a bear) a scene and a glitz quilt. Maybe even do some work on the doll I am making.
I have a really bad shoulder so I am hoping it will hold up to a few hours sewing.


Carol said...

How much fun was that?! Thanks for sharing it. I can't wait for you to hurry up and come to Townsville so we can play together, too.... You'll be able to show me how to use some of the stuff I've got and never used!

Delia said...

It will be wonderful when I get up there again
You have been doing some great work Carol.

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