Friday, May 30, 2008

Challenge Qults at Mountain Quilters May 2008

This is the one I made for the Challenge.

I am so proud of the girls in our quilt group for the work they put into this years challenge.

We were given a piece of fabric and had to create a small quilt. This year I am was proud of the work done by the girls oh and one guy. It was hard for anyone to judge and make a decision. People stood for ages before making their choice.

This is another quilt I put into the show.

Its been a while

Hello All
It has been a while since I posted.
First I had month away with my daughter presenting us with a new baby boy. What excitement now she has a girl and a boy. I had forgotten the work that babies take. The little girl was only 15 months old when the baby arrived so was a very busy time.

Here is Lily our grand daughter.

Our new baby boy Jack.

When I came home I also brought with me a flu so that put me out for another 2 weeks then we had a very windy Saturday night and it brought on asthma like I have not had in about 10 years. It is only the last few days that I am feeling human again.

I still managed to do a few things in the time off line.

The first is My Ladies. I have had it on the go for about 5 years and really wanted to get it into our quilt show which was held last weekend.

Then next is Floral Art