Friday, May 30, 2008

Challenge Qults at Mountain Quilters May 2008

This is the one I made for the Challenge.

I am so proud of the girls in our quilt group for the work they put into this years challenge.

We were given a piece of fabric and had to create a small quilt. This year I am was proud of the work done by the girls oh and one guy. It was hard for anyone to judge and make a decision. People stood for ages before making their choice.

This is another quilt I put into the show.


susan said...

Very impressive delia/ I have sent the link to my sister in law Lynette who also is an avid quilter. Well done

Anonymous said...

Thank you Susan.

bettsy said...

I saw these quilts in person was was very impressed with the ideas that people came up with. It was a lovely showing - your group should be proud.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Besty

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