Thursday, December 11, 2008


These pieces are from a class I taught a few weeks ago. It is lovely when you look back and see the work that was created. You know you did a good job in the teaching.
There were a lot of techniques in this class. First we painted on visoflex then ironed onto felt. One girl used heat and bond and it gave the piece a lovely shinny finish. Then we stripped silk flowers and arranged on the felt. Covered the piece with net and stippled it. Then the pieces were embellished with beads or motifs. One of the girls used silk that they had painted before hand and she cut her flowers out of this. Another used a piece of silk she had dyed years ago and then proceed to cut and fringe it. It was great to watch what they came up with.


Carol said...

Wow! Would you like to give me a lesson when you're in Townsville next?

Delia said...

Of course I would love to.

Shirley said...

These are beautiful! I would love you to join our learningfa group- (we give free lessons) and teach this technique to the students. Drop into my bog and check it out. I think you are very very talented. I am from
Alberta, Canada

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