Saturday, June 7, 2008

After the flooding

We have finely cleaned up around the place after the flooding of last week. It was all put on hold while we picked up the new boat. I still have the vegetable garden to replant but that will not take long.

Our acre dam looks like a lake at the moment but the ducks are loving it. We can even see the fish swimming close to the top.

Here is the boat. Ken is disappointed as he wanted to go in the fishing comp. this weekend but the weather is not very good. To windy and the seas are quite big. He still thinks that it may be calm enough to go in the morning.

Here is the boat. Think I will be comfortable enought in it?


Julie said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog and for leaving a comment. Love to do the same for you! The boat looks fantastic, I think you will have a lovely time stitching under the shade of the canopy while your DH enjoys the fishing!

Delia said...

Thank you Julie I loved you work.

Bluezbandit said...

Your quilt pics are gorgeous!

Delia said...

Thank you blue.
I really do have to update this I have been off for a while but have done a lot of work and also have started painting again.
You have given me insentive to start posting again.
Thank you

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